About us


Founded in October 2007, the Waker Foundation began as simple project of founder, Joseph R. Waker Jr., to help provide a better future for the members of his community. His passion for uplifting, coaching, and mentoring the youth and young adults in the Southeast community of Washington, D.C., launched a global network of resources dedicated to building a better tomorrow.


The Waker Foundation is very committed to helping people around the world create businesses and jobs through entrepreneurship.  The foundation works tirelessly in the preservation of communities and to help our fellow citizens by collaborating with stakeholders nationwide. These collaborative efforts are designed to strengthen the infrastructure of a strong viable community.



Help Us to Help Others to Help Themselves


The Waker Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and many active volunteers working diligently to bridge the gap for all people. 

The Waker Foundation is deeply indebted to the team of individuals who share in the mission of serving others.  When you act as if what you do makes a difference, it shows. 



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