Letter From the CEO


Join Us on This Journey

The Waker Foundation and its Associates actively work to bridge the gap locally, nationally and globally through philanthropic endeavors.  We strive to bring all walks of life together to make the community better for the least of them and the elite of them.  It begins with you, with us.  We have to give back to our communities, helping our neighbors, which in turn help us. 


Our vision is to build a one-of-a-kind environment in which we can all live in harmony and prosper.  We need an all-hands-on-deck approach to impact the problems of today.  Our programs positively address the important issues we face in life.  We desire to impact the entire spectrum of life from education, job training, health and wellness to homelessness.


We go to where the call is the greatest.  This mission is not for everyone.  You have to know your destiny.  However, it is not about you.  It’s about your neighbor.  We are all family.  Collectively, we can join forces with the people of Africa to contribute to the economy and rebuild the nation, leaving a legacy behind for the future generations.


We welcome your financial or in-kind support because it takes many sources to fund our work. Those of you who can give your time, money, or sweat equity should do so.  We believe that everyone deserves a safe, secure, and affordable place to live, and by working together, we can all prosper. 


Please join us as we embark on this historic journey.


Joseph R. Waker, Jr.




9.1.2017 -

Joseph R Waker Jr. - Call to Action