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Mr. Joseph R. Waker, Jr. claims Ozark Alabama as home although he was born at Fort Leonard Wood located in the Missouri Ozarks.  Joe-Joe as Mr. Waker is fondly known by close friends and family was an army brat in his early life.  He and his family moved around quite a bit before settling in Ozark Alabama.

Mr. Waker attended Emma P Flowers Elementary School and was well liked by his classmates, so much so that he achieved his first major first of being crowned King during the annual Fall Festival.  He was the first and only Black American to be crowned Fall Festival Royalty and reigned over the Fall Festival at Emma P. Flowers Elementary School, a predominately white school in the state of Alabama, not long after integration. 

Mr. Waker was active in sports and participated in many activities in the community.  His mother and inspiration instilled in him early the desire to help others.  While still in high school, he earned the honor of being the first Black American Light Heavyweight World Underground Kickboxing Champion and the youngest at age 14. He went on to earn this honor three times. 

As Mr. Waker excelled in school academically, he was enrolled in a test program to see if students could master college courses while in high school.  The other students in the program dropped out and Mr. Waker was the only enrollee to complete the program.  He thus became the first dual graduate from college and high school.  He graduated from both degree programs on the same day, from Alabama Aviation Technical College in the morning and Carroll High School in the afternoon.  He went on to become the first Black American to obtain a certification to teach the curriculum that he studied at Alabama Aviation Technical College.  

Mr. Waker is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, community organizer, and humanitarian, He has been a human rights activist his entire life.  His community service efforts intensified when he volunteered to assist with repair efforts after Hurricane Hugo in 1990.  The Life Magazine, Eye of the Storm article on the News Page recants the experience. 


In 2007, his passion culminated into the creation of the Waker Foundation, a non-profit organization of which Mr. Waker is the CEO and Executive Director.  His Foundation is involved in a multitude of community enrichment efforts, including job training, housing for the homeless, youth and family development, citizen and law enforcement unity, hurricane and disaster relief, and community health and wellness initiatives.  These programs have helped many in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and of course his home state of Alabama.

As Chief Executive Officer of JRW Elite Construction and Waker Construction, Mr. Waker offers programs that allow him to build affordable and safe community housing. Through his affiliation with Waker Associates, he is able to bring licensed and certified expertise to the service offerings.  He earned the most business licenses, certifications and degrees of anyone in the Washington DC area.  From 2007 to 2015, the Waker Foundation directed its programs at the citizens in DC and surrounding areas. 


One project that was near and dear to his heart was converting his home in DC into a 24 bedroom shelter to give temporary free housing to those in need. He targeted the homeless and women with children.  The Waker Foundation was also one of the promoters of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March where his bike crew sponsored a ride for justice. 

In 2015, Mr. Waker returned to Ozark AL to rebuild, revitalize and rejuvenate the community.  The Foundation sponsored a number of successful community enrichment events aimed at improving race relations in the area.   Due to his efforts, Mr. Waker was the first Black American from Dale County, Alabama to receive the Silent Heroes of Wiregrass Award in September 2017.  The award is given to recognize unsung heroes in the community who through their efforts make a huge impact on their community and others. 

In 2018, Mr. Waker began to broaden his efforts internationally.  The Foundation seeks to bridge the gap between African Americans and Africans of the Diaspora.  Mr. Waker participated in summits held in Lisbon Portugal in 2018 and Luanda Angola in 2019, discussing ways to improve the community and provide safe and affordable housing.  

Mr. Waker gives tirelessly of his time, talent and resources to make things better in the community and to reach the less fortunate and disenfranchised.  He truly believes that we have to leave a legacy behind for future generations and do all that we can to help bridge the gap. 


11.17.2017 - MwagoleTV

Joseph R Waker Jr. - Where it All Began

A documentary on Joseph R Waker Jr., CEO and Founder of the Waker Foundation. Where it all began.


List of Achievements

  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Waker Foundation

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Waker CD, LLC

  • CEO of JRW Elite Construction, a licensed general contractor

  • Carroll High School, Class of 1981, Ozark AL

  • Alabama Aviation & Technical College, Enterprise AL, Class of 1981, small engine and motorcycle technology

  • First dual graduate from college and high school on the same day

  • Only Black American to be crowned King at Emma P. Flowers Elementary School

  • Certified to teach small engine and motorcycle technology at Alabama Aviation Technical College

  • First Black American Light Heavyweight World Underground Kickboxing Champion

  • Holds the most business licenses, certification and degrees of anyone in Washington, DC

  • Started DC Military Reserve, October 2008

  • Established Waker Foundation, a charitable nonprofit in October 2008

  • Received the WTVY Silent Heroes of the Wiregrass Award in 2017

  • Awarded King of Kings Award from the Be Sincerely Yours organization, January 6, 2018.

  • Awarded the Personality Award in Lisbon Portugal, June 23, 2018

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Joseph R. Waker, Jr. empowers others to accomplish the things that he has done.  He does speaking engagements, consultations, and promotional programs. 



If you are interested in  working with Mr. Waker to promote your program, please contact him directly. 



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