Programs and Resources

Waker Foundation Programs


  • Homeless Outreach - meals for the hungry and homeless

  • Job Training and placement in construction, automotive repair, and health care

  • Youth and Family Development

  • Citizen and Law Enforcement Unity

  • Construction and renovations as needed

  • Health and wellness initiatives– drug and alcohol prevention, people with disabilities, health care, health care screening, AIDS/HIV prevention and referral

  • Anger management and conflict resolution counseling

  • Home and financial assistance for the mentally and physically challenged and homeless

  • Emergency response team – hurricanes and national disasters

  • Community development

  • Volunteer programs


Need Assistance

The Waker Foundation is  here to serve in a host of capacities.  If you need assistance from one of the programs that support  our mission of serving others, please contact us. 


We also partner with other organizations to meet the needs of the community. seeking ways to  Bridge the Gap.

The Waker Foundation partners with community organizations who provide resources to those in need. 

Health Care Screenings

Waker Foundation has utilized Sharon McBride as a traveling nurse since January 2016 to provide services to the underserved communities.

Waker Foundation - Bikes for Tykes Christmas Drive

Waker Foundation is partnering with local children's organizations to provide new and gently used bikes for children around the country and in Angola Africa. 


Christmas is fast approaching.  2020 has been a tough year for many.  Let's work together to bring some joy to those in need. 


We are asking for donations of bikes and new unwrapped toys.  You can drop ship the merchandise to the Waker Foundation address and let Amazon pay the shipping or send cash donations via Cashapp to $WakerFoundation.  


Community Resources



Joseph R. Waker, Jr. empowers others to accomplish the things that he has done.  He does speaking engagements, consultations, and promotional programs. 



If you are interested in  working with Mr. Waker to promote your program, please contact him directly. 



First of the First Series


Other Waker Organizations

Two for profit organizations are part of the Waker family:

Waker Community Development (CD)

  • The Waker CD strives through our stellar community development efforts to carry out the mission of the Waker Foundation. Waker CD is a community, country, and continent development company devoted to revitalizing underdeveloped historical areas. This consists of, but not limited to, the development of schools, churches, shopping malls, housing, agriculture, farming and mining.  The organization aims to leave an everlasting impression on the world that will be felt for generations to come, 

Waker Associates 

  • The Waker Associates are licensed to provide the services which support the needs of the Waker Foundation and Waker CD:  With one call, we can do it all.  


Visit the Waker CD website to learn more about these organizations.